What Makes VideoCrypt a New-Age Video Streaming Partner?

What Makes VideoCrypt a New-Age Video Streaming Partner?

Videos have become an integral part of everyone’s life. From watching famous movies to TV shows, videos are consumed at a large scale by people. This has enhanced the video streaming market which has increased rapidly in the past few years and is growing at 21.5% CAGR. 

About VideoCrypt

VideoCrypt is India’s biggest AWS Elemental service partner and enables content creators and video publishers to build an engaging video streaming experience through AWS Elemental and Edge Media Services.

VideoCrypt is an interactive and secure video streaming platform where content creators and video publishers can stream live and on-demand videos in SD-480p. HD-720p, FHD-1080p, or UHD-4K quality. It enables them to stream the copyrighted video content at low latency (2 to 3 seconds) to address viewers’ requirements.

It is a go-to solution that enables content creators and video publishers to make an impact through their videos in SD and HD quality. It enables flawless video streaming with AWS to distribute premium media content securely.

What Sets VideoCrypt Apart?

Owing to the growing demand for video streaming, all content creators and video publishers are looking for a secure and feature-rich video streaming platform. Here, VideoCrypt comes into the picture by offering its media solutions. Following are the highlights that exemplify VideoCrypt’s uniqueness.

Interactive Video Streaming

According to 88% of marketers, interactive video content helps to get their brand recognized. This marks the importance of interactive video streaming. With VideoCrypt, a content creator or video publisher can stream interactive videos at low latency (2 to 3 seconds) and improve the video performance.

SD and HD Video Quality

Video quality is directly proportional to the customer experience (CX) in this digital age. Due to this, every streamer is willing to broadcast videos of different qualities (SD and HD) that be viewed by their audience. Here, VideoCrypt helps them by allowing them to stream videos in SD-480p, HD-720p, FHD-7080p, and UHD-4K quality.

The video streaming platform of VideoCrypt helps to enhance the video viewing experience of the audience by allowing video to stream in multiple qualities. This not only increases user engagement but also improves the revenue from the premium videos.

Secured Content Delivery

Today, delivering video content is not sufficient, especially due to latency and buffering issues as it can frustrate the audience. Therefore, content creators and video publishers want to deliver buffer-free video content at low latency to provide a seamless experience to their viewers. Here, they can use VideoCrypt’s video streaming platform powered by Amazon CloudFront, a global content delivery network.

It aligns with the needs of the content creators and video publishers and allows them to avail of this service without breaking the bank. Securely delivering the content at high data transfer speed is the key that makes this global CDN reliable.

Intelligent HTML5 Player

92% of video viewers use the internet to access and watch videos. However, It doesn’t matter how much powerful your video is if it is not getting played on the viewer’s device. Therefore, it is important for these creators to use the built-in HTML5 player in VideoCrypt’s video streaming platform.

VideoCrypt’s intelligent HTML5 video player is compatible with various operation systems and gives an immersive video playback experience to video viewers.

Content Security with Multi-DRM 

Protecting content from unauthorized access and usage is one of the primary tasks of any content creator and video publisher. However, hackers have various ways to attack content storage and illegally access copyrighted video content.

To prevent content leakage, VideoCrypt offers multi-DRM security. It helps to protect against piracy of your copyrighted video content and prevent revenue loss. EdTech companies, Media houses, Universities, and Creators on YouTube can use this to keep their premium video content secured.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Nowadays, one of the biggest concerns of content creators is to stream videos at a high cost. VideoCrypt has a feature-rich video streaming platform that follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Here, content creators and video publishers only need to pay for what and how long they are using this platform.


VideoCrypt is a go-to live streaming platform and a content creator or video publisher can use it to stream videos effectively. This platform helps them by addressing their core needs and enabling them to get more revenue and thrive in this competitive world using its 100% customizable video streaming platform.

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