VideoCrypt vs Vimeo: Key Differences

Video Streaming

But, all these digital content creators are confused because there are many HD streaming platforms providing protection from piracy. However, the two major players providing this service are VideoCrypt and Vimeo.

Select the right HD video streaming solution for your digital content with this blog. However, the two major players providing this service are VideoCrypt and Vimeo. We will explore the basic definitions, features, and pricing to help you select the correct video streaming platform.

Now, let’s know the key differences between them with the help of the following table.

Basic DefinitionSecure HD-quality video streaming and video hosting platform.Video hosting and privacy protection platform to create, share and sell your HD stream videos online.
UsabilityLive stream the videos with anti-capture and anti-piracy features.Create and promote videos, host virtual events and build a website to generate income.
Freemium ModelGet a free trial of 7 days (no credit card required)Get a free trial of 30 days with Vimeo’s free plan.
Potential Usersa. YouTubers
b. Coaching Institutes
c. Publication & Media Houses
d. Spiritual Organizations
e. Medical Institutes
f. OTT & Entertainment
g. Fitness
a. SMBs
b. Online Education
c. E-commerce
d. Real Estate
e. Faith & Fitness
Price Comparison$119/Year (01 TB) To $56599/Year (5000 TB).$144/Year (Starter Pack) To $660/Year (Advanced Pack).
Monetizationa. Coupons & Promotions
b. Subscription Video on Demand
c. Advertising Video on Demand
d. Transactional Video on Demand
e. Branded Apps
f. Live Events
a. Video Subscriptions
b. Branded Apps
c. Live Events
Special Featuresa. Mobile App Development
b. SD Card Software
c. Google Drive Software
d. VideoCrypt VOD & Live
e. Secured Video Streaming Solution
f. Webinars and Live Events Hosting
g. Video Library Management
h. Ad-free Player
i. Privacy Protection
j. OTT
a. Live Stream
b. Webinars and Live Events Hosting
c. Video Library Management
d. Ad-free Player
e. Privacy Protection
f. OTT
BandwidthImprove video quality using an encoder and reduce the storage & bandwidth.Stream your videos using a bandwidth of 2 TB per month.
LMS SetupAllows its users to set up LMS.Vimeo allows eLearning video hosting and embedding on an LMS system.
AWS Account ManagerDo not pay a high price for using AWS services by getting a dedicated account manager from AISPL.Does not provide this service.

As the key differences are marked, let’s take a deeper look to know more about them.

Basic Definition

Vimeo is a complete video platform providing valuable benefits to creative professionals and businesses. It is also a video hosting and privacy protection platform to boost the creation & sharing of HD video streaming.

Now, every digital content creator can turn all their ideas into action with safe and 1080p HD-quality videos from Vimeo.

All YouTubers, Coaching Institutes, Spiritual Organizations, and Medical Institutes choose the safe and ad-free video streaming of VideoCrypt.

Visible watermarking, anti-capture, multi-DRM, and Pendrive class software are some of the secured video streaming solutions offered by VideoCrypt. Moreover, VideoCrypt’s solutions support all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and web apps.


There are millions of active users on the internet, and some of them are attempting to pirate your digital content. Here Vimeo enables you to broadcast high-quality videos to your viewers by providing complete security.

Here, VideoCrypt is also available, which offers a dedicated video content management service (CMS) to store and manage video efficiently. VideoCrypt’s secure video hosting solutions for all the needs of secured video hosting. You will get a flawless streaming experience HD-quality using the services of AWS.

VideoCrypt is a well-known brand that helps digital video creators or businesses of all sizes to publish their digital content without worrying about video piracy. With the services of VideoCrypt, you can live stream a video with 360-degree protection from anti-capture and anti-piracy features.

Freemium Model

Both VideoCrypt and Vimeo follow the freemium business model. They offer extra-cost services to the users. It is one of the dominant business models which is here due to the combination of the words Free and Premium.

Vimeo also offers a free trial. The good news is you don’t need to pay anything to initiate your free trial and cancel it anytime before the expiry of its period. Here, you can upload up to 60 videos during that period.

Potential Users

Vimeo offers its secured video streaming services to organizations of all sizes. Online educators can also use the video streaming services of this all-in-one video streaming platform. In addition, E-commerce, real estate & Fitness video creators also use the HD live streaming services of E-commerce.

Many select VideoCrypt and its exclusive video streaming encryption service. It helps the video creators to escalate the secured video processing service. VideoCrypt offers exclusive services, which can be availed by coaching institutes, online educators, publication houses, spiritual organizations, and medical institutes.

Today, many YouTube video creators want to use a secure video hosting service. They can choose VideoCrypt’s live or VOD service to know the OTT & entertainment industry.

Price Comparison

Price is the backbone of every business to take their business operations ahead. Therefore, it is equally important to know the pricing plans of the video hosting and streaming services of VideoCrypt and Vimeo.

On selecting the video hosting and HD streaming services of Vimeo, a user has to pay an annual amount of anywhere between $144 per seat and $660 per seat. However, you can avail of the services of VideoCrypt according to your business requirement. Pay $119 per year for 1 TB bandwidth and $56599 per year for 5000 TB.


Video monetization helps to provide a higher ROI to any business. Video monetization is common among media & entertainment businesses. The apparent reason for video monetization is the ability to earn more revenue.

Vimeo offers 3 modes for all content creators to monetize their videos. Video subscriptions, branded apps, and live events are completely three-quarters.

VideoCrypt offers 5 ways to monetize your video and earn additional revenue. The monetization modules we offer include Coupons & Promotions, Subscription video on demand,  Advertising video on demand, Transactional video on demand, Branded Apps, and Live Events.

The VideoCrypt’s SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD services come with a secured paywall.

Special Features

Businesses tend to avail of the services provided with various other specialties. These special features helped every business improve its Return on Investment (ROI).

Vimeo is one of the popular video hosting and secure video streaming services supporting live streams, webinars, and live events hosting, Video library management, Ad-free player, Privacy protection, and OTT app development. However, VideoCrypt’s special features are entirely different as it provides free and efficient mobile app development, SD card and Google drive software, VideoCrypt’s VOD & live streaming, and other services.


Both Bandwidth and Storage can influence each other because the large size of video files always requires greater bandwidth.

Vimeo offers its end-users to stream their videos in HD quality with a 2 TB (2,000 GB) Bandwidth. With its state-of-the-art services, end-users can stream videos over the internet at the top-most video quality. On the other hand, VideoCrypt provides its end-user with a facility to improve video quality by decreasing the storage and bandwidth consumption per video. It uses an encoder (QVBR) to correctly estimate the required number of bits to use for a video.

LMS Setup

Learning Management System (LMS) helps users to store all their video content in one place. It is a powerful SaaS-based system for EdTech platforms. It supports the management and delivery of the eLearning course to the end user.

Vimeo offers all its users a facility to host their videos. Indeed, Vimeo is a great platform for video hosting, especially for eLearning videos. Businesses can embed videos available on Vimeo and boost the customer experience (CX).

VideoCrypt has a team of 200 professionals and provides a secure video hosting service. Moreover, any user can avail of the LMS setup offered by VideoCrypt. Our expert team will help you in building additional modules in your established Learning Management System (LMS). It will provide a better ROI to that EdTech platform.

AWS Account Manager

Managing an AWS account is necessary to avoid paying a higher price to AWS for using its cloud-based services. In addition, securing all details about your AWS account is also important, which is a key role of an AWS account manager.

Undoubtedly, Vimeo is a fantastic secure video hosting service, but it doesn’t allow a dedicated account management service to its user.

However, VideoCrypt, a secure video hosting service, provides a dedicated AWS account manager from AISPL. This will help to manage your AWS account efficiently and let you avoid paying a higher price. This manager provides the ability to you to pay AWS in INR instead of using any foreign currency and transaction fee charged by banks.

What is VideoCrypt?

VideoCrypt is a completely secure video hosting and HD live streaming platform. It offers various services, including VideoCrypt VOD and HD live streaming. It has the trust of many businesses worldwide to provide the best HD video streaming.

VideoCrypt started from scratch in 2021. Now, more than 500 customers (businesses or digital content creators) believe in the HD streaming and anti-piracy services of VideoCrypt.

The Video on Demand (VOD) service of VideoCrypt provides various monetization modules that are given below:

  • Coupons & Promotions
  • Subscription Video On Demand
  • Advertising Video On Demand
  • Transactional Video On Demand

Now, let’s look at Vimeo to know more about this video streaming platform.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a US-based video hosting and sharing platform. Here, users can live stream their content over the internet. Users can stream their video content after embedding it on their website or social media platforms. In 2004, Vimeo was founded for content creators to easily show their work to the target audience. Once, it was considered a cousin of YouTube.

In recent decades, Vimeo has dramatically improved by offering various services to boost Video marketing. Its services mainly include OTT platform creation, the privacy of videos, Ad-free players, live streaming, video monetization, etc.


Choosing a perfect video streaming platform can be challenging for any business. There are many things that every business has to consider, especially choosing between VideoCrypt and Vimeo. VideoCrypt offers excellent service that will benefit your business by getting HD-quality video streaming. However, Vimeo can also be a good choice for developing your business.

VideoCrypt gives a business an opportunity to use its pay-as-you-go model, 24/7 technical support, AWS services, and PoC support. Moreover, VideoCrypt offers a no-longer-terms commitment policy to all its users. However, choosing the best platform depends majorly on the streaming requirements of your business.

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