How Digital Rights Management Solution Benefits A Business?


The internet is continuously improving, and with this, the demand for on-demand and video-streaming content is continuously improving. This remarkable increment enhances the use of OTT platforms. But, these OTT platforms and other streaming businesses are concerned about the associated cybersecurity risks. Here, the Digital Rights Management service is useful to increase the intellectual property rights of these copyrighted materials.

Internet users may access your premium video content without your permission. Furthermore, it can increase the risk of misuse of your premium video content. You can also use DRM for live streaming to keep it secure because content piracy can negatively impact the revenue of that business.

Unfortunately, hackers can breach that security wall and access a premium content of a business. Thus, using Multi DRM is not a choice for them. In fact, it has become a necessity for all businesses to keep their premium video content secured.

However, many businesses, including some significant OTT platforms, do not know anything about digital rights management solutions. So you might ask yourself a question about what DRM is and how it can be helpful to your business.

Want answers to these questions? Let’s understand them all here.

What is Digital Rights Management?

Digital rights management (DRM) is a crucial method of protecting digital content, including videos or other copyrighted material, from unauthorized access or use. No user can copy and redistribute digital content without the owner’s permission. Digital rights management (DRM) gives video content creators and publishers complete control over their content.

With DRM software solutions, owners can secure their video content from getting stolen. Since more and more content is available on the internet. Thus, DRM has now become the need of the hour for these businesses. DRM has three main types of DRM for the Player SDK given here.

Google Widevine DRM

Microsoft PlayReady DRM

Developed and maintained by Microsoft, PlayReady is a DRM service that helps all digital content owners to keep their premium content secured. PlayReady is a digital rights management tool that helps encrypt digital content and stop piracy.

Apple FairPlay DRM

FairPlay is a DRM system developed by Apple to protect video content available in HLS format. It supports FairPlay streaming on an iOS device, Apple TV, and AirPlay. It helps all OTT platforms and streaming businesses to keep their premium content protected on Apple devices.

These types of DRMs are important for any business because it helps to keep their precious content secured. Preventing the copying and duplicacy of digital content is one of the biggest reasons for using Multi DRM solutions.

Now, you know the answer to your first question. Knowing what DRM is is beneficial for OTT platforms and streaming businesses because it helps to make an informed decision.

What benefits does a business get by incorporating DRM solutions?

Every business publishing its books online or sharing its video over the internet is scared of piracy. Thus, using Multi DRM services is mandatory for them. With this DRM service, a business will get many benefits; some prominent ones are given here.

Helps to Retain Ownership of the Digital Content

Multi DRM is well-known for providing protection to digital content so it cannot be altered by any third party. It helps to protect the eBook, audio, video, and image files of a brand. Therefore, Multi DRM services have become important.

If an unauthorized user is successful in accessing the copyrighted content, then it will seriously damage the revenue of an OTT platform or a company. An expert multi DRM service provider like VideoCrypt will allow you to meet certain business requirements of DRM.

Multi DRM helps to automate requests & ease staff workload

A DRM provider helps a business working in any domain to update the required permissions. Many businesses need to store their bulk video content and manage them. They also need to share it over the internet with their audience. It is difficult to keep crucial data safe and secure that is in bulk.

However, multi-DRM services assist in automating that data request which increases its privacy. Automating it decreases the risk of piracy of that video content. This automation is a boon for any business, especially OTT platforms, by protecting precious content, avoiding human error, and reducing the workload of employees.

Secure the confidential information and video content

Digital rights management (DRM) enables all businesses to encrypt multimedia data, including some precious files. This encryption comes with password protection, device control, and some copy preventions & restrictions.


Undoubtedly, it is essential for any business streaming its media content to protect it. From the crucial benefits of DRM discussed above, using DRM software solutions is crucial for any business to protect the loss of its income stream. If you are a broadcaster or media entrepreneur looking to protect your video content, VideoCrypt is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to secure media content using DRM.

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