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At present, video consumption is at its highest and is expected to climb further in the coming years. Considering this, the total number of video streaming platforms has also increased in the market. To become successful in the competitive landscape, you need to make a strong digital presence by creating and sharing unique video content.

But, the million-dollar question is how you are going to do this.

With numerous streaming platforms all claiming to be the best, choosing the right one can be difficult. 

Among them, Dacast is the one providing video services services to the content creators, but, due to its limitations content creators are looking for the best Dacast alternative.

These creators are looking for a reliable streaming platform like VideoCrypt, a go-to video streaming platform. This platform has all the advanced features required to enable them to stream better within budget.

Let’s take a closer look at VideoCrypt and Dacast and what sets them apart.

About VideoCrypt

VideoCrypt is a new-age live and pre-recorded video streaming platform that provides advanced features like Live to VOD (VOD to Live also), Video CMS, bulk upload, etc. This platform helps content creators by addressing the challenges they face while streaming video content.

With VideoCrypt, you get a white-label streaming platform that includes multi-DRM, anti-screen capture, real-time video analytics, and a ready-to-use media infrastructure. Along with this, you have offline video playback, an intelligent HTML5 player, Media Asset Management (MAM), and a Video Management System (VMS) to take the streaming experience to the next level.

Additionally, there is dedicated customer support for streaming live and on-demand videos through VideoCrypt’s advanced video streaming platform.

About Dacast

Dacast is a live streaming platform enabling content creators to stream live videos. This platform has 

It is an ad-free streaming service that is famous for providing end-to-end live streaming solutions. Also, it supports content creators to host, monetize, and broadcast their live videos.

Both VideoCrypt and Dacast enable content creators to stream live and on-demand videos. However, VideoCrypt helps content creators to create, upload, manage, and share content easily with the help of AWS Media Services.

The table given below shows a comparison between VideoCrypt and Dacast for video streaming.

Key ParameterskVideoCrypt Dacast 
Content SecurityProvides multi-DRM support to protect contentDRM protection is not available
Custom Platform Development Fully Customizable PlatformCustomization not available
Video Latency2-3 seconds8-10 seconds
Supports Video Quality SD-480p, HD-720p, Full HD-1080p or UHD-4kHD-720p and UHD-4k Only
Customer SupportOn-call and email support available 24/7 Chat & email support only 
Free-trialMultiple features are available Limited features are available
Token-based AuthorizationYesYes
Load BalancingYesYes
Pricing ModelPay-as-you-goFixed monthly billing
Upfront FeeNo fee is requiredCharges upfront fee for the first 3 months
Content Distribution ModelDistribute content using Amazon CloudFront CDNDistribute content using Akamai CDN

Let’s have an in-depth look to explore more about the key differences between VideoCrypt and Dacast.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

VideoCrypt stands out with its high-quality streaming and seamless integration with various platforms. Its customizable options enable content creators to tailor the streaming experience to the audience’s preferences to ensure maximum engagement.

All this is provided by VideoCrypt, a reliable video streaming partner, at a flexible pricing model. Its services are available at a pay-as-you-go pricing which charges as per the usage. Content creators can get started using VideoCrypt with its free trial that neither requires a credit card nor any upfront investment.

On the other hand, Dacast has a rigid pricing structure that doesn’t provide the option for content creators to pay per usage (pay-as-you-go). Thus, content creators often face a lot of problems due to confusion in their billing structure.

1000+ Content Creators Power Up Their Business with VideoCrypt’s Video Streaming Platform.

To know more, book a free consultation today and get started with VideoCrypt.

Customer Support

In addition to amazing streaming of pre-recorded and live videos, VideoCrypt has world-class customer support. This support enables content creators to get solutions to their relevant technical and non-technical queries quickly and efficiently.

However, content creators often encounter problems with Dacast’s customer support like slow or no response time, lack of technical knowledge, etc. They provide their customer support through live chat and email only.

Unlike Dacast, VideoCrypt’s customer support has experienced cloud consultants. These consultants are available for support both through on-call and email and are capable of helping content creators resolve any relevant issue.

Content Security via Multi-DRM

Preventing piracy is important for content creators as it enables them save a lot of their revenue and prevent unauthorized users from accessing and viewing a premium video. VideoCrypt secures video streaming through advanced multi-DRM technologies like Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, and Microsoft PlayReady.

Additionally, VideoCrypt provides content security through password-protected videos, token-based authorization, watermark, anti-screen recording, anti-screen capture and IP-whitelisting. However, Dacast only provides content security through token-based authorization, geographic restriction, and AES encryption.

Moreover, VideoCrypt’s comprehensive security not only safeguards content but also enhances the viewer’s experience by ensuring seamless and uninterrupted streaming. The platform’s robust anti-piracy tools are designed to protect intellectual property and allow content creators to focus on producing high-quality videos without worrying about unauthorized access.

Video Content Distribution through Amazon CloudFront

Content creators can create and share their content worldwide through a content delivery network. This network helps them deliver their videos quickly to enhance reliability and availability. 

VideoCrypt has a dynamic content delivery network–Amazon CloudFront. It is a global CDN that helps content creators deliver videos at low latency and high data transfer speed. It has more than 600 PoPs with automated network mapping.

However, Dacast has Akamai CDN that is expensive to use and also has less flexibility. Moreover, this CDN has various limitations ranging from complex billing to only 135 PoPs. 

Why are content creators facing issues while streaming videos with Dacast?

Content creators are facing a lot of issues while streaming video content with Dacast’s VOD platform. These issues substantially decrease the subscription as well as viewer’s retention rate which also affects revenue. So, these content creators are looking for the best Dacast alternative. A few of the pain points content creators face are given here.

  • Customer service is not up-to-mark and lacks technical knowledge.
  • Interaction through live chat for the audience is not available.
  • Viewers have to deal with buffering which affects audience experience.
  • Video uploading speed is sometimes very slow which creates problems.
  • Analytics do not provide enough information about the video performance.

Apart from that, there are various other problems that content creators experience with Dacast while streaming a video.


Undoubtedly, content creators use dacast for online video streaming but it comes with various limitations. Here, users often encounter challenges related to customer support with slow response, lack of live chat during the live stream, complex pricing structure, customization challenges, etc.

Consequently, content creators are continuously seeking for a reliable Dacast alternative for streaming live or pre-recorded video. Fortunately, VideoCrypt has them covered by providing its unparalleled services suitable for streaming a video. It has a feature-rich streaming platform that supports HD quality streaming at low latency using Amazon IVS and multi-DRM security.

Here, VideoCrypt proves to be the better option over Dacast for video streaming. With its advanced features, superior scalability, and cost-effective pricing. Explore more about VideoCrypt by starting its free trial or connecting with its customer support.

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