VideoCrypt – Best Alternative to Cloudflare for Content Delivery

VideoCrypt - Best Alternative to Cloudflare for Content Delivery

The importance of secure and fast content delivery has increased rapidly over the past couple of years. It involves delivering multimedia content like images, video, and audio to the audience using the internet. Due to this, it uses the services of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Like this, every CDN has separate plans & pricing structures and can prove to be helpful for a video publisher that needs to quickly and securely deliver content to its users. For content delivery, Cloudflare is one of the options for a business to select.

Video publishers are looking for an alternative to Cloudflare because it offers limited security options at a high price. Today, VideoCrypt has emerged as the best Cloudflare alternative for content delivery and it is the right choice to serve a business’s content delivery needs.

Now, let us get into some more details about VideoCrypt and Cloudflare to understand what they are and how they work.

About VideoCrypt

VideoCrypt developed a white-label video streaming platform loaded with features, including multi-DRM, video analytics, low latency streaming, live chat & polls, etc.

About Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a solution to optimize and accelerate website performance using a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is committed to building a better User Experience (UX) through a dedicated delivery network. It helps to protect a website against DDoS attacks while optimizing the performance of a business.

A content creator or a video publisher can use Cloudflare to deliver video using its content delivery network spread worldwide using multiple PoPs. Moreover, Cloudflare pricing follows a rigid model that is plan-based and doesn’t suit many business’s needs.

The table given below shows the key differences between VideoCrypt and Cloudflare.

Key Features VideoCryptCloudflare
Global Edge NetworkReliable and high performance with low latencyContent Delivery with Latency
Content SecurityDefend against DDoS attacks at no extra costNeed payment to activate a defense mechanism
ConsultationAvailable without paymentPayment Required
Pricing ModelSimplified and personalized pricing with a pay-as-you-go pricing modelComplex pricing plans (Plan-based)
Customer SupportOn-call customer support for free & paid plans is available 24/7No on-call support is available, especially in the free plan
Analytics Easy-to-use analytics dashboard to track social sharing, viewership, engagement, geographic metrics, playbacks, and more.Complex analytics dashboard
Account ManagerDedicated AWS account managerNo account manager is available
Video PerformanceOptimum performance of website through AWS CloudFrontPerformance degradation of a website through a private CDN network
DevOps FriendlyYesYes
Universal SSL CertificationYesYes
Domain Name SystemYesYes
Data Transfer FeeZero data transfer fee from AWS originsCharges for data transfer 
Load BalancingYesYes
Free planMultiple features are available in the free plan, including DRMLimited features are available in the free plan

Now, let’s know more about the difference between VideoCrypt and Cloudflare in detail.

Optimize Budget Through Pay-as-you-go

VideoCrypt enables all publishers to stream video using secure and fast content delivery. It uses Amazon CloudFront, a global CDN, to deliver video content in real-time at a low latency (2 to 3 seconds).

All video content publishers use the flexible pricing model of VideoCrypt’s global CDN. In this way, they only need to pay for their usage (how long they use this service) without the need to sign any complex contract.

Cloudflare on the other hand, has a rigid pricing model based on the selected plan. Cloudflare pricing has complex structures that create confusion among most video publishers.

Dedicated Customer Support

VideoCrypt pays special attention to resolving any technical queries of its customers regarding video content delivery. It has a dedicated support team that works tirelessly to provide effective support. This team has various certified cloud consultants available via phone, email, and live chat.

However, Cloudflare doesn’t have on-call customer support available for its customers. This limitation is visible, especially in the free plan, and creates hurdles for many customers using the free plan.

Unlike Cloudflare, VideoCrypt provides priority access to customers from the technical support team with a free plan.

Increase Website’s Performance

Whenever a user requests a website to view content, the Content Delivery Network (CDN) redirects the request to the nearest edge server. VideoCrypt provides video content delivery using Amazon CloudFront (global CDN). Therefore, a customer can deliver content using a high data transfer speed with multiple PoPs.

On the contrary, Cloudflare provides a CDN that supports both static and dynamic content delivery. It helps customers increase their website’s performance. However, it is not a cost-effective solution, especially when we compare it with VideoCrypt’s Amazon CloudFront.

Engage Viewers via Low Latency Content Delivery

Engagement is the key to building a successful streaming business in this digital era. Every content creator and video publisher is aiming to drive more audience engagement. With VideoCrypt’s Amazon CloudFront service, they can drive 3X audience engagement by quickly and securely delivering the content.

The AWS CloudFront also supports content access control using token-based authorization. Moreover, it has another crucial feature of automatically scaling a streaming business’s dynamic content requirements. However, Cloudflare has a cloud delivery network (CDN) that supports worldwide content delivery but charges for data transfer.


Selecting a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is important to accelerate content delivery. However, a video publisher needs to select the correct partner to deliver its video content to all viewers as quickly as possible. Here, VideoCrypt is a preferred choice as this flawless platform enables content distribution across the globe.

As the best alternative to Cloudflare, VideoCrypt delivers content using Amazon CloudFront. It allows a video publisher to drive more engagement by offering a great user experience.

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