Video Marketing Strategies for Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Video Marketing Strategies for Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

What is CLV?

How is CLV calculated?

  • The average amount of money spent on every purchase (A)
  • Number of purchases per year (N)
  • Number of years a customer actively purchases from a brand (Y)

Types of Customer Lifetime Value

  • Historic CLV
  • Predictive CLV

The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

  • Helps identify loyal customers.
  • Helps prioritize valuable customers.
  • Contributes in building customer segments.
  • Predict and understand reasons for customers at risk of leaving.
  • By focusing on high-value customers, businesses can understand their Return on Investment (ROI), marketing strategy effectiveness, and how they can emulate that with medium- to low-value customers.
  • Help deliver targeted marketing strategies for different types of spenders and customers.
  • CLV can help businesses understand the aspects of their products or services they should develop, alter or modify.
  • Customer lifetime value also helps businesses see beyond short-term or immediate profits. It helps them understand the potential financial investments and outcomes.

How Video Marketing Can Boost CLV?

  • Accessible by anyone
  • Easy to understand
  • Brief and Complete
  • Build customer trust and increase service reliability.
  • Create a sense of authenticity and transparency around your organization.
  • Provide opportunities for engagement with the product and the people behind the product.
  • Showcase and generate the “need” for your services.

Video Marketing Strategies for Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

  • Customer lifetime value is an important indicator of business health
  • Video-based marketing is one of the most important ways of marketing

Value Addition

Consistent and Planned Content Strategy

Explainer and How-To Videos

Live videos

Short Form Content Focus

Captioned Videos

User-Generated Content

To Summarize 

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