Top 9 EdTech Trends to look out for in 2023


The EdTech market still holds the potential to unlock students’ growth with some emerging trends. In this article, we have listed all these trends and how they will transform the face of modern-day education. There is a revolution in the educational landscape due to technological advancements that have led to wider scalability and reach by multiple folds.

EdTech, a short-term for education technology, is well-known to unleash the potential of students using digital learning approach. With this new age of learning, we can witness an increase in the engagement rate of students getting online education. The flexibility offered by EdTech promotes innovation and creativity among learners. Today, EdTech has become a market with USD 340 Bn worth and could reach a value of USD 605 Bn by 2026.

It will be justified to state that EdTech is growing at a high velocity and some trends are emerging in this industry at a faster pace.

Let’s now deep dive into the Edtech trends that are going to dominate the industry today and in the coming times.

Gamification in eLearning

Gamification in eLearning is a rapidly increasing trend, especially due to advancements in technology. Now, there are various online education platforms using the gamification of eLearning to make education more interactive and engaging for learners. More than 65% of students prefer gamified learning adding to their better experiences.

Nowadays, every EdTech platform is promoting a Gamification approach to provide a seamless learning experience to their students. In this strategy, students learn with more engaging live classes to enhance the most in-demand skills.

Driving Significant Changes in Education with AI

AI in education will have a market worth USD 6 Bn by 2024. While AI is penetrating every segment, Edtech is not excluded. Among all EdTech platforms, AI has made a profound impact by reshaping the education system(s). How instructors are teaching and students are learning has completely changed. AI-based software flawlessly creates a career-focused curriculum and the flow of training programs providing live videos and eNotes.

AI-powered automation gives students a more engaging and immersive learning experience. The Learning Management System (LMS) enables online education providers to accurately measure students’ performance, identify areas of difficulty, and endorse automatic student feedback. Therefore, AI is adding to the performance of an EdTech by serving as an excellent support system.

Simplify Training with Nano learning

Currently, nano-learning is revolutionizing education in this digital age by enabling students to focus on delivering small and bite-sized learning content. It is similar to micro-learning; however, the online learning session here is comparatively much smaller. Every 9 out of 10 students prefer this learning approach to level up their knowledge and skills.
With this strategy, a student will get a seamless learning experience as trainers provide a knowledge-rich 2 to 10 minutes multimedia content. This content is enough to provide substantial knowledge to the student by adding to their engagement.

Utilizing the Analytics of Big Data

Presently, many EdTech platforms are using big data analytics to make informed decisions. This data helps in the performance assessments of each student. The big data analytics market is growing and will be valued at USD 57.14 Bn by 2030. Indeed, it is a transformative force in the modern-day education industry.
With the proliferation of digital platforms and EdTech platforms, large amounts of data are being generated at an unforeseen scale. Here, the role of big data arrives and it offers actionable insights into the learning patterns of the student(s). It helps to personalize the learning of the students and enhance their performance.

Hybrid Education has become the New Norm

With advancements in technology, Hybrid education has become the new normal. People are more inclined towards online learning now as compared to the time when this learning was a choice or privilege for some. In addition, every EdTech platform is making it a priority to add personalized education with Hybrid learning. It will encourage students and level up their IT skills.

This surge in adopting hybrid learning compels many educational institutes to shift classroom teaching to online learning. Here, every online education platform is incorporating educational videos to add more personalization.

Subscription-based Learning

Recently, there is a rising trend among students in which they need to pay recurring fees instead of one-time payments. The subscription economy is all set to grow to USD 1.5 tn in which subscription-based learning has a huge chunk. This learning model is helpful in the acquisition of knowledge. 

Synchronous eLearning

Synchronous eLearning is an online education model where all students will get an immersive learning experience in real time. Moreover, these students can get online training and ask doubts relevant to their work. This method of learning includes real-time communication which makes it an important EdTech trend that helps students to learn quickly.

Empowering Education with ChatGPT

Today, AI plays a huge role in transforming education and has a market share of USD 4 bn (2022) which will increase by 10 (CAGR). Currently, ChatGPT has become the talk of the town as it is one of the most useful generative AI tools to foster learning and innovation among students around the world. In addition, ChatGPT is helpful for learners as this amazing tool can be used to write an email, blog, and some educational post(s).

By unlocking the true potential of this AI tool, one can enhance research skills with the correct usage of its prompts. Moreover, EdTech platforms can also use it to curate creative and helpful curricula, brochure(s), topic-wise mock tests, etc.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are growing tremendously in today’s time and are expected to grow to 19.6 Bn (2023). These technologies have transformed the online education system by taking the learning experience to the next level in online classroom programs in 2023.

These are the path-breaking technologies well-known to make online education easy and interactive for students to learn and master new knowledge.


Incorporating digital technology into the education system helps EdTechs to provide a seamless learning experience and improve the productivity of their learners. These platforms will increase the capability of students to think more creatively with complete flexibility. Currently, the proliferation of online learning platforms incorporating these EdTech trends is accelerating. These game-changer trends indicate the shift in the focus of education from outcome-driven to knowledge-driven.

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