Video Marketing Strategies for Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Videos are the future of marketing. Consumption of video content has skyrocketed since the pandemic. Short-form video platforms have taken over everyone’s screens. Anywhere you scroll, someone is either doing a get-ready-with-me (GRWM) video or demonstrating how effective a new gadget is. The importance of interactive short-form videos has been recognized by brands and marketers

28+ Video Streaming Statistics for Businesses

In the age of digital denomination, videos have captured the attention of users and become influential as 54% of consumers want to watch more videos to make informed decisions. Considering this, 86% of businesses are now using videos to generate leads and drive more revenue. This led to a surge in video streaming usage by

How Live Streaming Can Help Brands With Marketing?

Live streaming is the new boss of the digital communications world. From an age of black-and-white TV ads to uninterrupted movie and show streaming, we have now reached the era of real-time broadcast.  This live broadcast is commonly known as live streaming. This streaming allows you to watch events as they unfold, at that very