How to Protect the OTT Content Using DRM?

It’s not a mystery anymore that watching videos have become popular among viewers as an average person spends 100 minutes per day viewing videos. With the rise in the demand for video consumption, the demand for a feature-rich OTT or over-the-top platform has also increased.  An OTT platform is one of the technologies that deliver

How Does Amazon IVS Make Live Streaming More Engaging?

Today, businesses around the world know that people are more likely to consume live videos than pre-recorded ones and they are investing heavily in live streaming. However, the question among these businesses is how live videos keep their audience engaged in today’s era. Well, the answer to this question is Amazon IVS, which makes live

VideoCrypt – Best Alternative to Cloudflare for Content Delivery

The importance of secure and fast content delivery has increased rapidly over the past couple of years. It involves delivering multimedia content like images, video, and audio to the audience using the internet. Due to this, it uses the services of a content delivery network (CDN). Every CDN has separate plans & pricing structure and