The Best Azure Media Services Alternative in 2024

Microsoft’s decision to retire Azure Media Services on June 30, 2024, has unsettled many businesses in the media and entertainment industry. These businesses are constantly seeking the best alternative to Azure Media Services for migrating their workloads and ensuring flawless operations. This has created a lot of problems for the customers of Azure’s media service,

What is Amazon RDS and Why Do Businesses Use It?

We are in an age where data holds significant value, to scale effectively, every business needs to store a lot of data. For this, relational databases are useful to organize data into tables with rows and columns. But, managing them is a challenge. Thanks to Amazon RDS because it makes managing relational databases in the

45+ Jaw-Dropping OTT Statistics You Should Know in 2024

In previous years, the craze of OTT or Over-The-Top platforms has continuously escalated. Whether it is watching popular movies, TV shows, documentaries, or other shows, everything is available on these platforms.  People spend over an hour watching the video content on the OTT platform. OTT platforms have become important for businesses to showcase their offerings,